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Izaya buddy

Because I love all my followers so much I have decided to have a giveaway.

There will be TWO winners.

First place:

Light Grey Snazaroo face paint

A wonderful handwritten letter by me

Any Short/Medium wig from  Arda Wigs


Any 2 wigs from HomeOfWatches. Within reason.

I can vouch for both of these websites. I have ordered from both and am pleased with the quality.

Second place:

A handwritten letter :3

Any glasses from this etsy seller.

If for some reason the first place winner would rather have the glasses than that’s fine. Then second place will get the wig. Unless they want glasses too than thats also fine!

Da rules:

I will ship anywhere in the world!

You must be following me as this is for my followers :)

Reblog and like as many times as you want.

Winners will be announced January 2nd!

If I ever win the lottery I will remember both of you and we will all go on a nice cruise together.

And end up best bros.

Like this.

Good luck kiddos

Ignore that freak in the background

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